The idea of this journal started during our casual discussions with many members of the present board of editors while walking the scenic streets of Jurmala, as we attended the first SAMPTA ’95 workshop in Latvia. With more extensive consultation, especially for the name of the journal and its scope, finally, I decided in January 2000 to launch our own journal “Sampling Theory in Signal and Image Processing- An International Journal.” I have received a lot of help from many of our members of the editorial board, and have the fortune to have Professor Ahmed I. Zayed as managing editor.

In leading the journal, I hope that it is of the high standard that we all seek and will live up to your expectations. The Journal will also publish announcements of events related to its topics.

My thanks go to all of the members of the board of editors who kindly accepted my invitation, and to all the reviewers and authors who have submitted their papers, and those who will continue their support for sustaining our journal.

On this front, we promise a speedy process of publication, and shall count on all of our colleagues in the sampling field to contribute papers, subscribe, and have their libraries consider subscription to our journal.

You are now receiving the first issue as a complimentary copy, and we hope that the second issue will greet you after receiving your or your library’s subscription.

An electronic version of the journal is possible, but must wait a few issues, after the journal starts to stand on its own.

Abdul J. Jerri

Founding Executive Editor

Clarkson University, Potsdam, New York 13676

Email: the Journal website: