SampTAf03 – May 26th – 30th in Strobl, Austria 
 A Success

                The workshop for SampTA03 (Sampling Theory and Applications) of 2003 was held May 26th - 30th in the scenic area close to Strobl, Austria.  It was very successful.  Professor Hans Feichtinger and his colleagues of the NuHAG (Numerical Harmonic Analysis Group) in the University of Vienna had done everything possible for the excellent progress of this workshop.  They had good organization in the Bundesinstitut Für Erwachsenenbildung (BIfEB) Institute, which was incredibly accommodating.  Hans and his colleagues attended to every detail in making our stay and travel from and to Vienna and Salzburg to Strobl. 

            The first evening we had a celebration honoring Professor Paul L. Butzer on his 75th birthday.  Then we had one afternoon of hiking starting with a boat ride in the beautiful lake in Strobl, and steeper hiking rescued by a train ride to the top of the mountain.  All was well at this point, although hiking down before we got to the train, and then the boat, was the real challenge.  On another day we spent several hours strolling in Salzburg with its beautiful churches and waterways.  That evening was capped by attending a concert in Salzburg.  As the concert was in an old monastery at the top of a mountain, we had to do some intense hiking followed by another train rescuing us to the top. 

            There were five plenary talks and over eighty presentations and poster sessions.  The attendance greatly exceeded that number.  Researchers came from all over the world.  To give examples: China, Korea, Japan, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Mexico, Argentina, Canada, the US, and from many countries in Europe.  There was plenty of time for consultations and discussions.  To give you an idea about our pleasant stay in Strobl, seeing our old friends, and making new friends, we have some pictures that you can download from courtesy of Professor Wenchang Sun of the University of Nankai in China, who is on a visit to the NuHAG Group.  If I may, we should designate Professor Sun as the official photographer of SampTA and the STSIP Journal.   

            The following is a sample of the photographs available on the website listed above.


A good number of gold guardsh (Annaby, Higgins, Zayed, Jerri, Butzer, Marvasti, Schmeisser, and Ferreira. Sitting is Feichtinger, our very accommodating organizer.)  This picture is courtesy of Professor Francoise Bastin of the University of Liege, Belgium.


Enjoying the good food and scenary in Strobl.


Abdul Jerri recounting a summary of Professor Butzerfs achievements on the occasion of his 75th birthday.


Gathering to go for a beautiful boat and train ride, then hiking.


The organizer presenting a birthday gift to Professor Butzer.


Wavelets and tomography were represented at SampTAf03 as well.


The secretary and creator of the online journal, Masaru Kamada.


Wenchang Sun, our official SampTA photographer.