This is a special issue for the Sampling Theory and Applications (SampTA) workshop that was held in Strobl, Austria last May with great success. 


There are no words that can describe our appreciation to our reviewers who, although they are very busy, still manage to review submitted papers in record time.  The authors were also very responsive and cooperative, which is another important factor for the speedy publication of our STSIP Journal. 


More papers have been submitted to the coming special issue(s) dedicated to the 75th birthday of our friend Professor Paul L. Butzer.  Indeed, these papers will cover the Sept. 2003 and Jan. 2004 issues. 


We are fortunate to have Professor Gerhard Schmeisser volunteering to help with the editorial and review process of our journal.  He had indicated this at the time of his retirement, so let us all wish him many pleasant, healthy, and productive years.  He is now the assistant executive editor of our journal.  Professor Masaru Kamada has also volunteered to help with the journal.  He has been putting forth very generous efforts, especially in establishing the online version of the journal.  This is in addition to attending to its subscription process.  We owe him our sincere thanks.  He is now the secretary of our journal. 


I would like to bring to the authorsf attention that in preceding issues, the references of submitted papers were in many different formats.  To unite such references, we shall adopt the policy that book and journal titles will be in italics, with the rest in roman type.  This is now indicated in the gInstructions to Authorsh at the end of the journal. 


Last, I would like to remind our group and authors that subscriptions to the journal are very vital.  They may come from the libraries of their institutes or from personal subscriptions.  The subscriptions are coming very slowly, but we hope to see an increase in their rate very soon.

Abdul J. Jerri                                                                                                                                                                                Founding Executive Editor