It is my pleasure to announce that our journal is moving very well as heard from many experts in our field.  This includes the quality of the articles as well as that of the publication. 


I would like to thank each author of the articles in this, the previous, and the futures issues.  Many thanks go to our dedicated reviewers who make it possible to publish our journal in good time. 


I may remind the reader here of the scope of our journal, as it is written on the inner back cover: “It publishes well-written original research articles on the development and applications of sampling and interpolation theory, wavelets, tomography, the Gibbs phenomenon, and other related topics.  Applications in signal and image processing with Fourier analysis or wavelets are particularly welcome.”


A number of our members of the editorial board have volunteered to invite experts to write quality and expository articles in the very relevant topics of sampling theory and its applications. 


Last, I may remind the reader that institutional and personal subscriptions to our journal constitute its main form of support.  However, they are still not coming close to sufficiently supporting the journal. 




Abdul J. Jerri

Founding Executive Editor