Events of Interest to the Sampling Group


Announcing a Special STSIP Issue


Modulation Spaces and Frequency Analysis


The STSIP plans to publish a special issue on gModulation Spaces and Frequency Analysish, edited by Professor Karlheinz Gröchenig and guest editors.  A detailed call for papers will appear in the September issue of the STSIP and will be available soon on the editorfs website:




STSIP Now Available Online


As was suggested by the editorial board in Strobl, we now have the electronic version of the STSIP Journal on the website:


The establishment of this electronic version is due to the tireless efforts of the secretary of our journal, Professor Masaru Kamada of the Dept. of Computer and Information Sciences at Ibaraki University, Japan, and we owe him our sincere thanks. 


You can find all the information about the journal, and you can view the abstracts of the last four volumes, plus a sample issue, Volume 2, Number 1.  Those who subscribe to the hard copy will have free access to the online version.  The price for a volume of the online version is half of that of the hard copy: US $90 for university libraries and other institutions, and US $50 for individuals.  Please note that you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. 


With this, I hope to see more subscriptions, and in case you have any difficulty reaching the distributor, please contact me.