International Workshop on Wavelet Frames 2005 (IWWF05)  


The Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in Daejeon, Korea,

Nov. 24 – 26, 2005


The Korean Advanced Institute for Science and Technology (KAIST) hosted an International Workshop on Wavelet Frames 2005 (IWWF 2005). It was held at KAIST in the city of Daejeon south of Seoul, where the area is a research court. The workshop was organized and efficiently implemented by our editor Professor Hong Oh Kim, his colleague Professor Kil. H. Kwon and other colleagues and students from KAIST and from around Korea. The accommodations and care can be described as perfect. The invited speakers included Professors Xingwei Zhou (China), Amos Ron (US), Zuowei Shen (Singapore), Joachim Stockler (Germany), Abdul Jerri (US), Ole Christensen ( Denmark), Kil Kwon (KAIST), Jung Yoon (Ewha W. University, S.Korea), Young-Hwa Ha (Ajou University, S.Korea), Youngmi Hur (US), Rae Young Kim (KAIST), and Jae Kun Lim (Hankyoung National University, S. Korea).


The workshop ended with a half day excursion in the beautiful surrounding mountains followed by a fancy typical Korean dinner.


Following are only a small sample of pictures taken during this successful event.




IWWF – 2005 – Happy to be there

Front row: The organizers Hong Oh Kim (third from the right), Kil H. Kwon (second from left) and most of the invited speakers

Courtesy: KAIST




Welcome to Korea

Courtesy: Amos Ron



A welcome by the organizer to KAIST

Courtesy: KAIST



A traditional Korean dinner with most of the invited speakers

Courtesy: Amos Ron