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Wavelets – Detailed Treatment with Applications

Abdul J. Jerri, Clarkson University


A gentle detailed introduction to wavelets for undergraduates with calculus background and practitioners. Necessary background of Vector Spaces and Fourier Analysis is covered in a simple illustrated way. The only wavelets book with answers to the exercises and studentfs solutions manual.


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7/2007, 480 pp.,ILLUST/ HARDCOVER

ISBN 09673301-0-7

Price: $79.95 (With Studentfs Solutions Manual $104.95.)  + S & H



Advances in the Gibbs Phenomenon with Detailed Introduction

Abdul J. Jerri, Ed


A follow up on the editor first book with his detailed introduction of 120 pages, and nine contributed chapters (260 p.) on the most recent advances by experts in the field.


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7/2007, 386 pp., ILLLUST/HARDCOVER

ISBN 0967301-0-8

Price: $94.95 + S & H



Modulation Spaces and Time Frequency Analysis

Karlheinz Gröchenig and Christoper Heil, Editors.


This is an important special issue ot the STSIP Journal. It presents invited articles by experts on the latest advances in this very active field, which are attracted by the two top experts editors.


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9/2006, 140 pp., SOFTCOVER

ISSN 1530-6429

$49.95 including + S & H




Introduction to Integral Equations with Applications

Second Edition – Revised

Abdul J. Jerri, Clarkson University


This popular applied book has excellent reviews (Math Rev. and Zentrablatt Math) as a text for undergraduates and first year graduates, and the only book of integral equations that comes with Studentfs Solution Manual (with extra solved problems). For contents, sample examples and sections, visit


6/2007, 480 pp. ILLUST/SOFTCOVER, ISBN 096733101-0-10

$59.95 (With the Solution Manual $75.95) + S & H

Studentfs Solution Manual alone $32.95 + S & H