Sampling Theory in Signal and Image Processing- An International Journal Introduction of the Journal

Dear Visitors,

We would like to interest you in the journal "Sampling Theory in Signal and Image Processing (STSIP) - An International Journal ISSN 1530-6429" where it is now on the eighth volume.

The STSIP Journal appears three times a year and publishes refereed, well-written, original research articles on the development and applications of sampling and interpolation theory, wavelets, tomography, the Gibbs phenomenon, and other closely related fields.

It is a rather interdisciplinary journal across pure and applied mathematics and engineering including signal and image processing. We hope you may be interested in how applied mathematics and numerical analysis interact with signal analysis in engineering and other applied fields, and the importance of "sampling". Its editorial board consists of thirty established researchers at well-known universities and institutes worldwide.

Some of the papers published in the journal originate from the well-established group of researchers in Sampling Theory and its Applications in Signal and Image Processing (SampTA Group). This international group holds workshops every two years in a different country (Latvia in 1995, Portugal in 1997, Norway in 1999, the US in 2001, Austria in 2003, Turkey in 2005, Greece in 2007, and France in 2009). The last conference is reported at

The journal is reviewed and indexed by Zentralblatt MATH, the Math. Reviews, INSPEC of the IEE, SCOPUS of Elsevier and EBSCO hosts.

Please take a look at the electronic version at where non-subscribers can click and view papers in a sample issue (volume 6, number 2) for a limited time period of this campaign. Abstracts of all issues are accessible for free. A library recommendation form is available at Besides the distributor at the bottom of the form, you can choose to pay online by credit card via Paypal, where we have an account. Please visit to proceed.

In case of difficulty reaching the distributor, please feel free to e-mail the secretary or Professor Abdul J. Jerri,, the founding exective editor of this journal at Clarkson University, New York.

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Prof. Masaru Kamada, Dr. Engineering
Secretary of the STSIP Journal

The official abbreviation of the journal:
Sampl. Theory Signal Image Process.