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Sampling Theory in Signal and Image Processing- An International Journal


This is a special issue for the Sampling Theory and its Applications (SampTa 05) Workshop that was held in Samsun, Turkey, July 10-15, 2005. As we are preparing for our SampTa 07 in Thessaloniki, Greece this June, I would like to remind of preparing your new results for submission to our journal for another special issue.

It may not be too late to welcome our editor Professor Hidemitsu Ogawa for assuming the assistant executive editor last spring. He will be receiving, mainly, the engineering related and applied articles, while Professor Gerhard Schmeisser receives the mathematically oriented articles.

I also take this chance to welcome to our editorial board, Professor Ole Christensen of the department of mathematics, Technical University of Denmark.

Abdul J. Jerri
Founding Executive Editor

The official abbreviation of the journal:
Sampl. Theory Signal Image Process.

Special issue on Modulation Spaces and Time-Frequency Analysis

Introduction of the Journal