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Sampling Theory in Signal and Image Processing- An International Journal


We are priviliged to have Professor Farokh Marvasti volunteering as the guest editor of this important special issue of our journal on Nonuniform Sampling. With his well known expertise in this field, he also made very valuable comments about the six contributed papers.

Here we are very happy and find it fitting to take the opportunity to celebrate the 60th birthday of our dear friend and leader Professor Farokh Marvasti. Farokh is very well known to us in the sampling group and to a number of international signal processing societies for his fundemental contributions in the field of his expertise. Farokh is also the originator in 1995 of our active SampTa workshops, and we all owe him our gratitude.

Moreover, this issue is special in another sense, where it covers the valuable contributions of five of our noted editors.

Abdul J. Jerri
Executive Editor

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Sampl. Theory Signal Image Process.

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