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Sampling Theory in Signal and
Image Processing

Special issue SampTA 2017

Dear participant of SampTA 2017, you are invited to submit extended version of your presentation to the Sampling Theory in Signal and Image Processing Special issue SampTA 2017.

Guest Editors:
Afonso Bandeira – New York University
Peter Jung – TU Berlin
Andi Kivinukk (coordinating) – Tallinn University
Felix Krahmer – TU Munich
Ilya Krishtal – Northern Illinois University
Gert Tamberg – Tallinn University of Technology

Submission: Use the STSIP template file posted at and submit your paper to Cover letter should mention “Special issue SampTA 2017” and preferred guest editor.

Submission Deadline: October 15, 2017
Reviews: January 15, 2018
Final decision: March 15, 2018
Publication: April 15, 2018

SampTA 2017

The 12th Biennial International Conference on Sampling Theory and Applications

Tallinn University of Technology / Tallinn University

Tallinn, Estonia, July 3 - 7, 2017

Sampling Theory in Signal and Image Processing - An International Journal
Volume 15


Shannon Centennial Volume

with Papers from SampTA 2015


J. R. Higgins, Claude Shannon - American Genius


Akram Aldroubi and Ilya Krishtal, Krylov Subspace Methods in Dynamical Sampling


A. Antony Selvan and R. Radha, Separation of Zeros, a Hermite Interpolation Based and a Frame Based Reconstruction Algorithms for Bandlimited Functions


Palle Jorgensen and Feng Tian, Nonuniform Sampling, Reproducing Kernels, and the Associated Hilbert Spaces


Paul J. Koprowski, Graph Theoretic Uncertainty and Feasibility


Holger Boche, Ullrich J. Mönich and Ezra Tampubolon, Strong Divergence of Approximation Processes in Banach Spaces


Diana T. Stoeva and Peter Balazs, On the Dual Frame Induced by an Invertible Frame Multiplier


B. A. Bailey and W. R. Madych, Classical Sampling Series of Band Limited Functions: Oversampling and Non-existence


Jeffrey A. Hogan and Joseph D. Lakey, Frame Expansions of Bandlimited Signals Using Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions


Reza Dianat and Farokh Marvasti, Evaluation of a Class of Quadratic Gauss Sums by Sampling a Continuous Chirp Signal


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