Current volume - Volume 17 (2018)

Special Issue - SampTA 2017


Francesca Bartolucci, Filippo De Mari, Ernesto De Vito and Francesca Odone, Shearlets as Multi-scale Radon Transforms


Peter G. Casazza and John I. Haas IV, On Grassmannian frames with Spectral Constraints


Ole Christensen, Marzieh Hasannasab and Diana T. Stoeva, Operator Representations of Sequences and Dynamical Sampling


Armin Iske and Niklas Wagner, From Image to Video Approximation by Adaptive Splines over Tetrahedralizations


Damiano Malafronte, Ernesto De Vito and Francesca Odone, Local Spatio-Temporal Representation Using the 3D Shearlet Transform


K. T. Poumai and S. K. Kaushik, Greedy Algorithms and Approximation Properties for Frames in Hilbert Spaces


Alvise Sommariva and Marco Vianello, Nearly Optimal Nested Sensors Location for Polynomial Regression on Complex Geometries


Laura Thesing and Anders Hansen, Linear Reconstructions and the Analysis of the Stable Sampling Rate


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Sampl. Theory Signal Image Process.

Special issue - SampTA 2017

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