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Sampling Theory in Signal and Image Processing- An International Journal


We are pleased to dedicate this volume of Sampling Theory in Signal and Image Processing to Professor Abdul Jerri on the occasion of his 80th birtday, which occurred on July 20, 2012. This volume consists of a regular issue of contributed papers (which is almost twice the size of a typical regular issue) and a Special Issue (issues 2 and 3) of papers originating from the SampTA2011 meeting, which was held in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and edited by our Guest Editors, Professor Pina Marziliano (Nanyang Technological University) and Professor Thierry Blu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong). The last part of the Special Issue will appear as the first issue of the next volume.

This combination of issues fits very well with the dedication to Professor Jerri. Abdul was on the scientific committee of the inaugural SampTA meeting which was held in Riga, Latvia, he gave plenary and expository lectures at that meeting and at several others, and has always been supportive of the goals and organization of SampTA.

A tribute to Abdul on his seventy-seventh birthday was prepared by three of his close friends and editors of STSIP, P. L. Butzer, J. R. Higgins and M. Z. Nashed, and published in STSIP (reference [1]). I read this tribute again in preparation of this preface, and I must congratulate the first two authors for writing a superb tribute; it leaves nothing more for me to say, except to recommend it to those who have not read it. A biographic sketch of Abdul's career can also be found in Wikipedia [2].

On behalf of the Editors of STSIP, I wish Abdul many years of good health and happiness, and thank all the authors and Guest Editors of the Special Issue for their contributions to STSIP. On this occasion, we also solicit their help in approaching their libraries to subscribe to STSIP, which has the lowest subscription rate among many leading journals. The transition to an electronic form of STSIP has now been completed. As with every transition, there were challenges and problems, which partly caused a delay in the publication of this volume. STSIP has been receiving important papers in both theory and applications of sampling theory, from mathematicians and engineers, which will be featured in the forthcoming issues. As always, the Editors welcome comments and suggestions.

Zuhair Nashed
Executive Editor

[1] P. L. Butzer, J. R. Higgins, and M. Z. Nashed, Abdul Jerri an appreciation on his seventy-seventh birthday. Sampl.Theory Signal Image Process. 8 (2009), no.3, 209-223.
[2] Jerri, Abdul Jabbar Hassoon: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Sampl. Theory Signal Image Process.

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